Boarding school in Lozova, Kharkiv region

Various sports goods were purchased for the health and physical development of children.

In one of the classrooms of the Pravdyn boarding school for children with mental retardation in the Sumy region, a hair salon was equipped. Pupils began to learn hairdressing with pleasure.

Purchased passenger buses and mini buses for transporting children from orphanages:

Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Lyceum, Kyiv Region (2004)
Boarding school No. 4, Kharkiv (2007)
Chertez Boarding School Zakarpattia Oblast (2008)
Dobre serce Orphanage, Lviv region (2008)
Pravdyna boarding school, Sumy region (2009)
Novovodolaz boarding school, Kharkiv region (2009)
Kochetot boarding school, Kharkiv region (2010)
Sakhnovshchyna boarding school, Kharkiv region (2010)

We purchased a dental unit for the treatment of children at Severodonetsk boarding school in Luhansk region

For the children of the Nova Vodolaha boarding school, we purchased and handed over:
- "RUTA" passenger bus;

- a modern dental facility (there is a dentist on staff);

- ironing boards, furniture - desks, cabinets for mathematics and geography classrooms, water coolers for classrooms, video cards for computers;
- sets of beads, needles and threads for beadwork

- we equipped the housekeeping room and purchased blinds for three classrooms.
In addition, we organized a trip for the children to the sea in Feodosia for recovery.

Musical equipment was purchased for school events. A performance by the children's theatre "TIMUR" was organized in the assembly hall of the boarding school for all pupils.

Windows were replaced on two floors of the sleeping building. We bought materials for children's creativity; sporting goods: table tennis, rackets, balls, soccer uniforms. Also, with our support, a dance teacher started working with children.

In order to develop creative abilities, we purchased national and theatrical costumes. The children like to organize performances for all pupils and staff of the boarding school on the occasion of school holidays.

To expand children's horizons and knowledge of the history of their native country, we organized an excursion to Baturyn, Chernihiv region, with visits to:
- archeology museum;
- Baturyn fortress;
- National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Hetman's Capital".

We organized an excursion to Soledar, Bakhmut district, with a visit to a salt mine.