Vadym Svyrydenko


Commissioner of the President on Rehabilitation of Combatants. Military paramedic, serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, participant of the Russian-Ukrainian war, social activist. Participant in the "Marine Corps Marathon" in Washington for 10 km, where he won in his category.

Vladyslav Khilchenko


Sportsman, travel blogger, author of the YouTube channel “ODNOY PRAVOY” (One Right)

Andriy Zelinskyy


Chief Chaplain of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), Advisor to the Head of the UGCC on Communication Strategy. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation under the Ministry of the Veterans' Affairs. Lecturer of the Ethics-Politics-Economics program at the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Institute of Leadership and Management of UCU. Co-founder and lecturer at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, an author of books, publicist, and public figure.

Vitalii Kyrychenko


A soldier of the 130th battalion of the TrD (Territorial Defense), leader of the group No 482.

Andriy Kozinchuk


Ukrainian military psychologist. Armed Forces officer. ATO veteran. Blogger of YoyTube channel "IN MY HEAD"

Vasyl Ryabko


Frontman of the band PAPA CARLO, volunteer.

Roman Kashpur


Military scout, record holder of Ukraine. The 16-ton An-26 aircraft moved from place to place on the prosthesis. Winner of the «Games of Heroes» project.

Natalka Panchenko


Polish-Ukrainian public activist, leader of the Ukrainian diaspora in Poland, human rights defender, activist of the year according to Wprost magazine, producer of the "Ukrainer" and "Chernobyl VR Project", organizer of the "Thanks March" to the Poles for supporting Ukraine.

Sergii Ivanov


Ukrainian TV presenter, writer, publicist, blogger. Host of the author's program "Antipodes" on the ISLND TV YouTube channel.

Marko Theren


Writer, public figure, volunteer. Initiator of the movement #UkrainianLanguageCircles and marathon #LanguageActivism. Founder of the all-Ukrainian initiative #BeneficialBookTower.

Serhii Zhadan


Writer, translator, social activist, frontman of the bands "Zhadan and Dogs" and "Mannerheim Line".

Natalka Marynchak


Poet, translator, social activist, volunteer.

Oleksandr Filonenko


Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory of Culture and Philosophy of Science, Faculty of Philosophy V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Ihor Kozlovskyi


Ukrainian scientist, religious scholar, writer, social activist, candidate of historical sciences.

Viktor Marynchak


Rector of the Church of John the Theologian of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (Kharkiv)