Citizen charity foundation supports the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who lost their limbs as a result of the war in Ukraine. The objective of the new program is to help the military of Ukraine and empower them to live a full life by way of prosthetics in the forefront medical institutions worldwide.

We also continue supporting the children deprived of parental care, by way of providing case-by-case assistance.

Citizen charity foundation provides complex medical support to the fighters at all stages – from preparation to the operation, during the implant stage and until further rehabilitation with the psychological support to the new living circumstances.

In order to be able to efficiently support the military, we are allocating the money we receive in the following directions:

  • Medical expenses for prosthetics, further treatment and rehabilitation of the servicemen.
  • Support of the operational work of the foundation – no less than 20% of the total donated amount.

We do. As our Citizen charity foundation simply would not be able to exist without our team of committed employees. The soldiers we support deserve the best support and the best people to provide such assistance.

Volunteers and our friends help the foundation in their free time to support us and to minimize the costs.

The "Citizen" charitable foundation was established in 2012. You can check legal documents in the corresponding section.

We are grateful to everyone, be it an individual or a legal entity, who decided to support Citizen charity foundation. There are many methods in which you can make a contribution to help the AFU by way of fundraising money for supporting our warriors.

Please, visit our donations page to learn more on how you could contribute. Every UAH 10 matter in helping t

The following institutions support our foundation helping the military:

● National Health Service of Ukraine

● Northern Interregional Department of the National Health Service of Ukraine

● Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine

● Coordinating Council on the ATO Veterans' Affairs of the Ministry of Veterans' Affairs of Ukraine

You can easily apply with the Citizen charity foundation using this link. We will review the request and contact you using the contact details provided.

If you have ideas and suggestions for the operation of the Citizen charity foundation, do not hesitate to email us at info@ctzn24.com

1.    If the donation was made by a BANK CARD on the Foundation's website, the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number*, date, time, amount and currency of the donation are displayed in the OUR REPORTS section on the Foundation's website in real time. 

* If the donation was made via the Apple Pay mobile payment system, the digits of the card number in the OUR REPORTS may differ from the digits of your card number, as the Apple Pay system uses card number encoding for security purposes. In this case, you can check the display of the donation in the OUR REPORTS by date, time, amount and currency of the payment.

2.    If the donation was made via Monobank, the amount of the donation can be seen in the Monobank App in real time. 
In the OUR REPORTS section of the Foundation's website, all incoming payments to the Monobank are displayed once a day in one line "Monobank Jar" as the total amount in accordance with the daily incoming payments to the Foundation's account from the Monobank Jar. 
If you do not have the Monobank App, you can check the crediting of your donation to the Jar by sending a request to the Foundation by e-mail: info@ctzn24.com, indicating the date, time and amount of your donation. We will verify the data with the bank's data and reply to you about the crediting of your donation.

3.    If a donation is made by BANK TRANSFER, the crediting of the fund's to the Foundation account can be seen in the OUR REPORTS section on the Foundation's website 1-3 days after the donation was made. 
If a donation is received from a legal entity or a self-employed individual (private entrepreneur), the name of the payer is indicated in the OUR REPORTS. When BANK TRANSFERS are credited from individuals, the column "Payment Type" in the OUR REPORTS indicates: "An individual", date, amount and currency of the payment.