We organized a summer recreation near the sea for the pupils of the Bogoduhiv Children's Boarding School for children with mental and physical disabilities. Travel, food and accommodation were paid for. 2014-2016 years.

Also, for these children, an inflatable pool was additionally purchased, near which the little one not only rests in the hot season, but also has the opportunity to do special rehabilitation exercises in the water. 2016 year.

Veliky Burluk social rehabilitation center "NADIJA", Kharkiv region .

We bought high-quality and modern clothes, shoes, pajamas, underwear, sportswear. Also we bought a plasma TV, a washing machine and new dishes. In addition, we brought food products and sanitary and hygiene products. 2017-2018.

We regularly brought fruit to the girls of the Bogoduhiv Children's Boarding Home for children with severe mental and physical disabilities.

Bought for pets:
- camera, bed covers, dishes, pajamas;

- dental materials, household goods, building materials, spare parts for boarding cars;

Special educational complex Boarding No. 2 in Kharkiv for children with intellectual disabilities.

For pupils, we purchased and delivered:
- musical equipment, materials for children's creativity;

- constructors, national costumes, shoes;

- building materials for repair.

A playground for younger children was installed in the boarding school yard.