Soldier Ruslan Soltus, call sign "TEZUKHA"

My name is Ruslan Dmytrovych Soltus, born in 1973. On the 24th of February 2022, I enlisted as a volunteer to defend my homeland. Being a healthy man full of energy, I could not imagine acting otherwise. How could I stand aside when trouble struck my country?

From the very first days, my comrades gave me the call sign "TEZUKHA", and my commanders entrusted me with the position of a refuelling driver. During my military service, I defended my native Kyiv region and performed combat missions in the eastern direction near Bakhmut.

Once I had a bad fall. However, I did not pay attention to it, clenched my teeth, got up and carried on with my duties. After that fall, my right leg started to hurt constantly in the hip joint area. Excessive loads (body armour, combat ammunition load) aggravated the problem. The pain did not stop, it only increased every day.

Eventually, by the decision of the military medical commission, on 30th June 2022, I was discharged from military service on medical grounds. For 9 months, I was on painkillers, constantly increasing the dose of medication, but now no medication helps. I cannot walk without assistance.

I dream of undergoing hip replacement surgery, getting back on my feet, returning to service and continuing to defend our Ukraine. I dream of winning with my unit! Of driving out the evil from our country. Of doing everything to stop them from coming to our children!

I turned to the Citizen Charitable Foundation with a request to help me with a hip replacement. I have a family to live for, a wife (who is a disabled person having a 3rd group disability) and a 7-year-old daughter waiting for me at home. 

I believe in our Ukrainians and the Victory!