Soldier Oleksii, call sign "HUSAR"

My name is Oleksii, I am 27 years old. I grew up in Vynnyky, Lviv region. In 2013, after graduating from a military lyceum, I entered the National Ground Forces Academy

I participated in the Joint Forces Operations in 2019-2020. Since the beginning of March, in a newly formed unit being one of the divisions of the 45th Artillery Brigade, we defended the Kharkiv region. I was wounded in a shelling attack, half of my right foot was amputated, my left leg was openly fractured, and I suffered complex injuries to my left shoulder and surrounding areas. In addition, I partially lost sight to one eye and my eardrum was ruptured. 

Several other people who were in another blindage suffered less serious injuries. Thanks to the coordinated work of my colleagues at the position and the medical service, we were promptly evacuated to the hospital in Barvinkove. In the hospital, they were still making fun of my tongue piercing while talking about my injuries, until I lost consciousness. 

I came into consciousness at night, in an ambulance on the way to Kharkiv, and the next time I woke up was a day later.

After my condition returned to normal, I was transported to Lviv in a regular train carriage, and I stayed for almost two months in Lviv. Thanks to the cooperation with other countries, a rod was placed in my leg and a shoulder implant was fitted in Germany. It took another 6 months.

At the moment, I need a special orthosis for my lower limb to move freely without any restrictions.

Now I am in rehabilitation, waiting for the orthosis.

Thanks for the active support of many people, I managed to recover quickly. While I am undergoing rehabilitation, I do volunteering. Before the full-scale invasion, I was planning to quit my job and organise concerts. Now I'm starting to get back to my usual routine and resume fundraising activities for the guys who never stopped defending our independence.

I think that with the orthosis I will be able to return to my usual hobbies: camping and snowboarding. What I want even more is to be able to do all this as soon as possible, in peacetime.