Vadym soldier, call sign “VATUTIN”

My name is Vadym, my brothers call me Vatutin. I am a sergeant in the National Guard, serving as a combat medic. With the start of the full-scale war, I realised how important this profession is and how many lives it saves.

I have in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience in tactical medicine. I was promoted for this experience, but I decided to go to the front line as a combat medic and provide assistance during combat, because it requires a cool mind and skillful hands. I had no doubts about myself, so I went with an assault unit towards the town of Bakhmut.

Everything was going very well. The unit had many successful assaults during my rotation. I was even awarded a Medal for Courage of the 3rd degree.

I remember the last combat mission.

As the most experienced unit, we moved out at night to attack, but the enemy ambushed us. All I could see was a tank shell falling under my feet and feel a bullet hit my right knee. It cut my legs and lungs with shrapnel. My left arm was shattered, and later doctors amputated it. I immediately realised that it would be impossible to save it.

The next challenge was phantom pains. They were so bad that I didn't want to live. I still feel them, but I have learnt to live with them.

Now I need a bionic prosthesis because I am sure I can be useful in my profession.

I had a lot of experience in Bucha, Irpin, Moshchun, Lysychansk, and Sievierodonetsk. I am ready to share it.

I understand that medicine is one of the most important factors that allows many people see their father, husband or son alive. The lives of my colleagues are my greatest commitment.