Soldier, call sign “ZAETS”

With the money I had saved, I bought necessary equipment and went to Mariupol in November 2021. There I was met by the commander of the "Vedmedi" subversive and assault group. The group was based near Shyroke village.
Certainly, at first, I was not allowed to take part in combat missions. I was undegoing training, learned how to use 120mm and 82mm mortar as well as SPG-9, I helped prepare shells, maintain the mortars and SPG-9, and received first-aid training on wounds treatment. As early as one month later, I was already being taken on missions. This lasted until February 23rd, 2022. 
When the shelling started in the vicinity of our base, the group left for Mariupol and stationed itself at the Azov base. The next morning, a full-scale invasion by the russian federation began. Our group, together with Azov, held the defense of Mariupol. 

On March 15th, my friend Grek and I were wounded in the frontline positions. I got both hips broken, a severed femoral artery, and multiple shrapnel wounds to my legs and the right arm. We were taken to a hospital in Mariupol. My friend Grek did not survive the trip to the hospital, he died on the way from blood loss. 
When the hospital was heavily shelled, I was evacuated to the Azovstal plant. There I remained bedridden until March 21st, and then I was evacuated by a helicopter to Dnipro city. 
My leg was amputated in the city of Dnipro due to ischemia of the lower part of my leg. Grek's body still remains at the Ilyich's plant.

Thanks to the efforts of fellow soldiers and prosthetists, the components for the prosthesis were delivered to the soldier with Zaichyk call sign free of charge. Citizen charity foundation paid for the work of prosthetists worth UAH 56,345.00.


After a lengthy treatment, prosthetics and rehabilitation, I want to resume my military service. I am waiting for registration in the Azov. Unfortunately, due to problems with documents, this process is delayed.

So now I am looking for an opportunity to join a different military unit. There are several options, but for now I plan to join the unit in which my brother-in-arms is fighting in the Luhansk sector.

Yet, besides the documents, there is one more complication.

In the process of returning to full life after being wounded and undergoing amputation, I realized that my prosthetic foot was good in everyday life, but it was not suitable for combat. You cannot run well on it. And this is essential, because my life may depend on my speed.

So I turned to the Citizen Charitable Foundation for help with the purchase of a sports foot, with which I can continue fighting.