Soldier, call sign «PIZHON»

My name is Oleksii, I am 28 years old, 9 of which I was serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
I repeatedly served in the ATO zone.
In the Armed Forces I found my love, got married and started a family. I have two little daughters.
On February 24th, at 4 a.m., I arrived at my military unit in the city of Ochakiv, I was assigned to the observation post to detect and shoot down enemy missiles that attacked our city with MANPADS. At 15:30, the enemy launched a missile attack at our unit and a shell fragment tore off my leg... 

For 5 long months doctors and my family were fighting for my life. I managed to endure a lot of pain in order to return home.

Now I dream of walking and running with my children again.