Soldier Ivan Tyma, call sign «NIKE»

My name is Ivan Tyma and I have been fighting at war since 2016. I went to war immediately after serving in the army. Now I am a fighter of Pravyy Sektor Ukrainian Volunteer Corps. My brothers call me Nike.

In June 2022, I was blown up on an anti-personnel mine and lost my leg. When my comrades evacuated me to the hospital, I immediately told them: "Don't hide my stuff far away, I'll be back soon!"

During the treatment, I pestered the doctors that it was time to make an amputation, a prosthesis. They refused for a while, but I was persistent.

They were in shock.

I, of course, continued joking with them a bit, because all of them were walking around sad. I asked them to give me a ruler to measure whether my leg was growing back.

Mostly people with amputations feel that their life is over, that they turned into disabled. 

For me it's somewhat different. I am disabled, but I will always have a parking space. A pension at 28 is not bad either.

I got through rehab quickly. In a month I got my first training prosthesis and in time went back to fighting positions. Now I have come from the Eastern Ukraine to Ternopil to have my prosthesis replaced with a permanent one.