An infrared oven for fabrication and adjusting prosthetic socket

The Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics turned to us with an application request to purchase a Thermal oven with infrared heating of polymer sheets from the leading manufacturer of equipment for prosthetics, an international company Ottobock, model 701E43.

Thermoplastic polymers are used in the manufacturing of auxiliary orthopedic aids in prosthetics, namely, prosthetic sockets. This is explained, first of all, by the simplicity and swiftness in the processing of plastics, light weight, high hygienic properties, durability, stiffness and shape stability.

Plastics at any time may be subjected to a thermoplastic change in their shape. For extremely fast heating of thermoplastic polymers in a sparing mode, the use of thermal ovens with infrared heating is the most effective, they are able to heat polymers almost 300% faster than their analogues. In addition, pre-heating in thermal ovens of this type is not required. Most plastics can be placed directly into a "cold" oven with infrared heating.

Other advantages are low energy consumption and uniform heating of the material from the inside towards the outside. Heated plastic becomes more pliable for further processing, which improves its forming properties, makes it easier to ply and feed mass into curved areas. Next, a prosthetist works with the plastic prepared in the oven, forming the prosthetic socket for the most accurate and tight fit to the shape of the stump, and, accordingly, for more comfortable wearing of the prosthesis.

Technical characteristics are in the catalog of the Ottobock company at the link:

UAH 684,667.00