THE ART OF REVIVAL open public meeting.

CITIZEN charity foundation invites you to attend THE ART OF REVIVAL open public meeting arranged by KOLESO ZHYTTIA (The Wheel of Life) publishing house to support the foundation. 

We are going to raise the following issues with the representatives of the foundation team, with writers, journalists, philosophers, and military men:

  • What should we learn from the people who have been through the hell of fights at the forefront and/or imprisonment? And how this could be done?
  • How does one overcome fear and become honest with oneself? 
  • What does one need to fully see the true beauty of life unravelling every second? 

Registration is mandatory:

Citizen charity foundation has a goal: to ensure modern prosthetics for the Ukrainian servicemen within the framework of the Cyborgs program. Thus, all participants of the event and simply concerned people have a chance to get involved in the program to help our fighters return to the normal life they used to lead.

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You can join the meeting online in ZOOM at the link:

Conference ID: 813 8994 2239 
Access code: 670525
The registration for participants online is also mandatory!
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18:00 – 18:15    Introductory speech
Inessa Kravchenko, co-owner of the Stan Invest Holding company, PhD, ideologist and owner of the Koleso Zhyttia publishing house. 

18:15 – 18:30    How we can help the military men
Olena Shmidt, vice president of the Citizen foundation, the head of the Cyborgs program. 

18:30 – 18:45    Performance by AKTERSTVO theatre 
Liusia Ponomarenko, the founder and director of the theatre.

18:45 – 18:50    Poetry pause
Natalka Marynchak, a poet, translator, community activist, volunteer.

18:50 – 19:20    Told firsthand – stories by fighters “On facing death: before, in the moment, and after...” 
‒    Roman Kashpur. A volunteer fighter since 19 years of age. In May 2019 he lost a leg by an explosion of a mine set by the enemy. A participant in the Heroes’ Games.
‒    Oleksandr Chalapchiy. A volunteer fighter, in September 2014 he was wounded and lost both legs. He was returning to active life thanks to sports. At the moment, he is growing corn, processes solar energy and manufactures metal items. 

19:20 – 20:20    Talk: What is the most important in the art of REVIVAL?
‒    Oleksandr Filonenko, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory of Culture and Philosophy of Science in V.N. Karazin National University, lecturer at St. Thomas Aquinas Institute of Religious Sciences and Kyiv summer Theological Institute, Ambassador of the Citizen foundation.
‒    Serhii Ivanov, a Ukrainian TV presenter, writer, publicist, blogger. A presenter of Antypody (Antipodes) original program on the YouTube ISLND TV channel, ambassador of the Citizen foundation. 
‒    Ihor Kozlovskyi, a Ukrainian scientist, religious studies scholar, a writer, a community activist, candidate of historical sciences. 

Main subject matters of the talk:
•    What should we learn from the people who have seen hell of the fights in the forefront and/or imprisonment? How can we do it? 
•    How does one overcome fear and become honest with oneself?
•    What do we need to break free from the blinkers and see the true beauty of life, unravelling every minute?

20:20 – 20:25    Musical and integrational pause.
20:25 – 20:45    Event completion.

Searching for an answer to a question: How does one step over the abyss of fear and start living for the sake of something, rather than against the odds…? 

Major insights of the participants and of guests.

See you at the meeting!