Thanks to the financial support of a CANADIAN-UKRAINIAN FOUNDATION, two Ottobock (Germany) Іnfrared ovens were purchased.

STRENGTH IS IN THE UNITY OF MANY! These words are the motto of the Citizen charitable foundation, which launched the Cyborgs program, aiming to provide defenders with the most modern prosthetics and rehabilitation. The unity of the civilized world in helping Ukraine in the war with the enemy and overcoming the consequences of aggression are invaluable. It helps Ukraine to stay strong and destroy the invaders. In these difficult times for Ukraine, Ukrainians from all over the world and foreigners provide us with weapons, accept refugees, send humanitarian aid, etc.

Just as the support of international partners goes beyond provision of weapons, so does the assistance to the wounded defenders within the framework of programs extends beyond targeted solutions in the form of individual assistance. 

Thanks to the financial support of a CANADIAN-UKRAINIAN FOUNDATION, 2 Ottobock drying ovens were purchased for the Ukrainian Institute of Prosthetics, Prosthetics Engineering and Rehabilitation at a total cost of $38,000 (UAH 1,446,490.00).

The delivery of this equipment to Ukraine is expected at the end of February, which will speed up the production of prostheses (stumps) by almost 300% and will allow Ukrainian prosthetists to work with the most modern equipment, which will improve the quality of prostheses manufactured for our citizens. 

The war continues, but thanks to the help of our Canadian friends, the capabilities of Ukrainian prosthetists are growing, and therefore the timelines of providing our defenders with prostheses will significantly reduce.  

This assistance is another example of the unity and friendship that has made Ukraine stronger and more resilient to the hardships the war has brought us.