Cyborgs Charitable program of the prostetics and rehabilitation for the militaries

For many years, our charitable activities were directed at supporting orphanages. The needs of various institutions were transforming over time, so was our aid: it shifted from ordinary livelihood support, repairs of abandoned premises in the early 2000s to online training programs involving leading universities, training of children for their enrollment into universities and financing individual scholarships. 

Nowadays, in wartime, our team of colleagues, like-minded people and mere friends decided to help soldiers, who recently lost their limbs, get access to the most modern prostheses, and become real cyborgs.

The objective of the Cyborgs program is to provide complex support in prosthetics, rehabilitation and psychological support to the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and to ensure that they will live peaceful lives in the future.

Priority areas of work:
- individual support of military personnel in the process of prosthetics and rehabilitation in Ukraine or in specialized clinics abroad;
- comprehensive cooperation and assistance to Ukrainian military prosthetics centers;
- cooperation with various institutions to improve the quality of assistance to the soldiers of the Armed Forces in the process of prosthetics and rehabilitation.

After the victory, there should be no war veterans with disabilities in Ukraine – there should be Superheroes with superpowers allowing them to lead happy everyday lives.

Ukrainians are strong in spirit, owing to their courage, will and unity. We will stand strong and we will win!

We believe that both now and in the future every Ukrainian will be involved in honouring our defenders and will be helping charitable initiatives and supporting them.


The strength lies in the unity of many. Join in!