Andrii Holopapa: "Being wounded is an opportunity to redefine yourself, discover new talents or preferences."

Andrii is the youngest fighter under the care of the Citizen Foundation. We met him at the end of 2022, but after helping him purchase a prosthesis, our communication did not end. 

We really wanted to do something else useful for the young man, even offered him the option of studying abroad. But Andrii has an unwavering stance: "I am quite happy with my university in Kyiv. However, I would still like to improve my English."

Unfortunately, the fighter's prosthetics process has drawn out, he has already undergone several additional surgeries, so he was forced to take an academic leave of absence from the university and will resume his studies only in September. 

Now Andrii devotes his time not only to treatment and rehabilitation, but also to learning English. As part “Education Despite the War” of the Cyborgs program, he joined the Englishdom educational platform (

Andrii also started painting. 

Andrii Holopapa: "During treatment, you have a lot of time to think about the future (especially when it changes dramatically after being wounded), to reinvent yourself, to discover new talents or preferences. So I found myself in painting. Of course, I did not do it alone, my sweetheart helped me with it. That's why the works are not completely mine, but only partially. Fifty-fifty, so to speak.

So, having gained some experience, I decided to bring this beauty to the world and let others admire our creations."

To see (share, and maybe even buy) Andrii and Tetiana's works, follow the link:

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