Soldier Ivan Lebid, call sign "PTITSA" (BIRD)

My name is Ivan Lebid (means Swan). Like every true patriot of Ukraine, from the first days of the full-scale invasion, I stood up to defend my homeland. Because of my eloquent surname, my comrades immediately awarded me the call sign "Ptitsa" (means Bird).

Initially, I volunteered for the Azov separate regiment. From 24.02.2022, I participated in the battles for Kyiv, Bucha, Moshchun, Stoianka, and Liutizh.

After the Russians retreated from Kyiv, I was transferred to the East to Donetsk region, where I sustained a leg injury during the combat operations. In April, I underwent surgery, and in early May I was sent back to the East, where I served until the end of December. And at the end of 2022, I was transferred to the 95th Ukrainian Air Assault Forces Brigade in Zhytomyr (as a career soldier). Where I am now serving.

Despite the surgery and treatment, the problems with my leg after the injury did not disappear. Every day my leg reminded me of itself more and more. The pain made it impossible to perform combat missions. When I turned to Zhytomyr hospital, traumatologists and surgeons unanimously decided that the only option to preserve the ability to continue my service and move freely was to replace the knee joint. This means I need an implant to be able to lead a full active life.

I believe that the only dream of Ukrainians - the fastest possible victory - will soon come true, and I will be next to my 2-year-old daughter, on both legs.