Soldier Vlad, call sign VIKING

My name is VLAD, VIKING call sign. 
I mobilised voluntarily on 25.02.2022, I serve in the 144th Armoured Brigade. I guess that the answer to why I joined the service is obvious, the enemy attacked my homeland.

In the first weeks, I served in the Dykanka district in the Opishnia-Hadiach area. Later, I was redeployed to the stabilisation area near the border in Sumy region. In February 2023, I took part in the battles near Soledar. 

In that battle, I sustained a concussion.

During the examination for the treatment of the contusion, I was diagnosed with an exacerbation of intervertebral hernia in the cervical spine, which put pressure on the spinal cord and threatened to further develop paralysis of the limbs. At that time, symptoms of numbness in my arms and legs had already begun. Still, the weight of the full ammunition gear and carrying the combat ammunition load exert a significant strain on the spine and joints. 

Now I need to have my cervical C5-C6 intervertebral disc replaced with an implant.

After treatment and rehabilitation, I plan to transfer to another unit where my health condition will not prevent me from continuing to contribute to the victory over the Ruscists. 

I am an IT specialist by profession. After the victory, I want to return to the company where I worked before the Ruscists' invasion. I dream of travelling to different regions of our country, there are so many beautiful places here.