Soldier Yuriy Pop, call sign “MONAKH”

I am Yuriy Vasyliovych Pop, born on 04.05.1973. Because of my eloquent surname, my comrades awarded me with the call sign “Monakh”. In June 2022, I was mobilized for military service and joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

After training, I served for two months near Kupiansk and then was sent to the East of Ukraine. I spent several months in the Donetsk area. Recently, I returned from Bakhmut with my unit to recuperate. Now we are stationed in Kyiv region.  

The problem with my joint is a long story. However, the pain was more or less bearable, at least during flare-ups, painkillers helped. But lately, due to the military actions in the east, excessive physical exertion and hypothermia brought the problem back to life.

The unanimous verdict of the doctors was that I needed a hip joint replacement. Now I need an endoprosthesis to live, serve and defend Ukraine in the future.

I do have a dream. At the moment I think we all have the same dream. It is victory. And peace. I often imagine the end of the war, when I will return to my family – to my wife and son.