Prosthetics Support Project in Ukraine


In a course of many years the Prosthetics Support Project in Ukraine has been helping Ukrainian prosthetists and rehabilitation specialists to develop and grow. This is an unbiased, non-profit project, the purpose of which is to develop the domestic industry of prosthetics and rehabilitation. The project brought new knowledge to Ukraine and Ukrainian specialists know how to work with components of different manufacturers and how to provide the patient with such a product that will allow him/her to return to the most natural way of life they used to have. Continuous consulting assistance is provided to both specialists and patients who need prosthetics; the Project specialists directly participate in trainings on the latest technologies; components for patients are selected taking into account the recommendations of foreign specialists with extensive experience.

Help Army. Volunteer group


Help Army is one of Ukraine's largest and most visible volunteer aid organisations supporting the Ukrainian military. It provides technical, material, medical and other assistance to soldiers, as well as support for the demobilised, children of demobilised parents and residents of affected communities. It operates in co-operation with the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Through the charitable foundation "Kharkiv with You" established by Help Army, the latter carries out various humanitarian projects. In particular, the Help Army's Music Battalion has been active since 2014 and it has held about 1,000 concerts on the front line. Help Army was awarded the non-governmental Order "People's Hero of Ukraine" (2015), and members of the organisation were awarded state and non-governmental awards.

Orthotech Service GmbH Limited Liability Company


Leading prosthetics company, which manufactured and fitted its first prosthesis in 1992. Presently, the head of the company Oleksandr Stetsenko and his team manufacture upper and lower limb prostheses of any complexity for different degrees of amputation, using the most advanced technologies in the field of prosthetics.

Children's Health Center named after Anna Mazurenko


Psychological rehabilitation for soldiers and their families. The Mazurenko Center (Lviv) and the "Citizen" Charitable Foundation are launching a psychological rehabilitation program for soldiers who were injured during the war. Psychologists of the Mazurenko Center clinic will conduct consultations in an online or offline format. Members of soldiers families can also receive assistance. To participate in the program, you need to fill out an application on the foundation's website. We work to preserve the physical and psychological health of Ukrainians.

Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics


The institute has many years of practical experience in prosthetics. Since 2014 the institution has been engaged in prosthetics for the ukrainian military, using the world's leading prosthetics technologies, conducting rehabilitation programs, manufacturing any prostheses of the upper and lower limbs at any level of amputation using quality components from global manufacturers — Otto Bock ( Germany), Fillauer (USA), Touch Bionics (Great Britain).

«UNBROKEN» National Rehabilitation Centre


The goal of the «UNBROKEN» center is to help Ukrainians remain UNBROKEN and get all the necessary help here, in their own country, near their families. The center provides physical, psychological and social rehabilitation. Each person receives not only a prosthesis, but also returns to a full life.

Otto Bock


Leading manufacturer of the highest quality prosthetics and assistive products to ensure maximum mobility for people with limb injuries.