A reserve of spare components Ottobock (Germany) for prostheses

Formation of a reserve of spare components Ottobock (Germany) for prostheses.

The Ukrainian Scientific and Clinical Center for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation, a state non-profit organization, applied to us with a request for assistance in forming a bank of spare components for prostheses.

Such a reserve makes it possible to make prostheses without waiting for a permanent equipment set for the patient and, thus, to enable wounded soldiers to start learning to walk with the help of a prosthesis as soon as possible, gain strength and maintain confidence. 

Now in Ukraine there are a huge number of servicemen and civilians who underwent complex amputations, such as hip disarticulation amputations, double hip amputations, high shoulder amputations, double upper limb amputations, etc. And, of course, there is a need to prepare the stumps for prosthetics with compression therapy using liners or compression covers. 

Currently, the most urgently needed are the following liners Ottobock (Germany): 

6Y110=280х10; 6Y110=300x10; 6Y110=320x10; 6Y110=340x10; 6Y110=360x10; 6Y110=380x10; 6Y110=400x10; 6Y110=450x10; 6Y110=500x10; 6Y110=550x10; 6Y110=280х17; 6Y110=300x17; 6Y110=320x17; 6Y110=340x17; 6Y110=360x17; 6Y110=380x17; 6Y110=400x17; 6Y110=450x17; 6Y110=500x17; 6Y110=550x17.

6Y95=C6-S; 6Y95=C6-M; 6Y95=C6-MP; 6Y95=C6- L; 6Y95=C6-LP. 

6Y85=280; 6Y85=300; 6Y85=320; 6Y85=340; 6Y85=360; 6Y85=380; 6Y85=400; 6Y85=420; 6Y85=450; 6Y85=500; 6Y85=550.